Dreamblazers Update: Week of September 7, 2015

I almost had nothing to share in today’s update; over this past week a long-time family friend wanted my help writing and editing in-depth text for multiple pages of a professional website, which ate up sixteen and a half hours and put a serious damper on getting anything done on the game dev side. I’m actually still not done, but the good news is that the reason I know the exact number of hours is because I’m being paid for my services, so hooray for more funding!

And what is that funding going to? Why, beautiful pixel monsters drawn by Liz like this Archweaver!

Dreamblazers - Archweaver Animation

With its bright gold and purple body, the Archweaver has a rather regal appearance similar to, say, an archduke. :D Despite its size and power it’s a bit of a lazy and reclusive creature that poses little threat to the elves, sylphs, and other people of Peremene. Even if you get captured by an Archweaver, just remain calm! Archweavers aren’t killers; they only siphon energy until they’ve had their fill, so you can beat a hasty retreat afterward.

Or are there better things to do? You see, some people let themselves fall into these spider clutches for monetary gain! Archweavers capture prey with powerful yet luxurious silk that can be repurposed for garments or used to connect bolas thrown by elven rangers and other forest hunters. A cunning and brave merchant can “sneak” herself into one of their lairs and walk away with a small fortune in barter material. After all, the resilience of archsilk far exceeds that of more ubiquitous silk from smaller insects and arachnids.

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