Bonus Post: Past Week’s Events

As late as last Sunday, I was very ready for a concerned post on Monday.

Ready to talk about how I might not have scheduled the trip to Hawaii (the one that I’m currently on as I type this) if I knew in advance what I know now.

Ready to talk about the contract work possibly disappearing.

Ready to talk about a mishap with the auto-renewal on my house insurance.

Ready to talk about a missing month of rent from my tenant.

Ready to spew all this and even more tales of woe is me!

And ready to write, of course, what will always be true: short of an early death or something else even more major like World War 3 resetting the technology level of the entire globe like the famous Einstein line goes, I’m going to finish Dreamblazers. Almost nothing can go wrong enough to stop me; it can delay me for weeks and it can even delay me for months, but almost nothing can delay me forever.

So far the contract work hasn’t fallen through, the insurance issue got cleared up, the month of rent showed up, and although I’m not in a super great place to be spending time out of state right now—especially with end of year taxes still to be paid—it’s not all that dire.

Right now I don’t know what next week will bring, what the week after that will bring, or anything else in the big run up to February, but for now things are alright. Even if they weren’t, though, I can say that I’ll complete the journey no matter how troubled it may be!

On that note…

I don’t know if I’ll have anything to write about on Monday, but even while here I can still talk back and forth with artists and I’m going all in for some new pixel art from Liz with potential to be more special than everything you’ve already seen from her so far. :D So give it time, but I’m expecting cool things when next you see some pixel art on this blog!

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