Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of August 18, 2014

Last week’s achievements

* Found out that there’s an even easier way to make tilemaps than what I did last time
* Scoped out pixel artists (and I might have found a good one for environments!)
* Learned how to create animations and collisions with 2D Toolkit in Unity… kind of.

Current focus

The transition to 2D.

Weekly goals

* Figure out how to use 2D Toolkit (and other Unity assets if needed) to get basic top-down map movement functional
* When character design rounds resume, those become top priority


Next Wednesday, I’m taking a brief family trip, so I spent some of this past week preparing. I’ve realized that I need either an iPhone or an iPad for times like this so I won’t have down time on planes, in cars, and so on—and a side benefit is that maybe I’ll put the game on iOS eventually! (I wasn’t planning on it since I don’t want to push beyond my means, but if I already have the hardware available for testing…) I’m leaning iPad, but in either case, hopefully I’ll still be able to get stuff accomplished while away!

As for what I did get done… This past week is when my will smashed up against my lack of knowledge. =P Now I know how to turn sprite sheets into animations, but not yet how to convert that into a functional game object. I’m probably missing something obvious.

In hindsight, it’s crazy how much I’ve accomplished without truly “knowing” what I’m doing. I’ve learned so much about ORK and 2D Toolkit only to discover that I’ve learned almost nothing about Unity itself. So now I need to step back a bit and grapple with Unity fundamentals in order to advance forward.

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