Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of July 14, 2014

Last week’s achievements

* Sent art feedback for Jig (normal outfit round 1), Star (round 1), and Mina

Current focus

Battle balance.

Weekly goals

* Add remaining enemies for the first two dungeons in terms of stats and AI (several enemies in these dungeons also appear on the overworld, so they won’t need to be added), including the two bosses
* Test a range of player party attacks against various early-game enemy groups and vice versa


One downside of weekly updates is that it might make me look erratic at times. We’ve extended art deadlines for reasons that it wouldn’t be right for me to disclose, so character designs will return to the backseat for a little while and I can get back to balancing the stats of friends and foes!

Taking a break from battles has cleared my head a bit, which was very needed. Right now I’m adapting a similar HP scale to Pokémon and Dragon Quest, but the balance has felt off to me compared to either game. I was just getting stuck on that point when the big news hit, but a little distance has given me some perspective and ideas, so it’s time to run through all of them.

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