Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of October 13, 2014

Last week’s achievements

* Sent character feedback for Winter
* Gathered references and writeups for Miharu overworld
* Gathered several references for Den of Kobolds and Spring Lake Valley

Current focus

Wrapping up character art, starting pixel art, and the transition to 2D.

Weekly goals

* Write bestiary flavor text for remaining enemies (the ones who are functional for the sake of an initial demo, of course, not all enemies in the entire game!)
* Figure out how to use 2D Toolkit (and other Unity assets if needed) to get basic top-down map movement functional


Not too much to say this week other than that the Big One is coming up again: making character models move and animate properly. Can’t delay it any longer! Just have to face up to by far the greatest challenge yet…

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