Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of September 22, 2014

Last week’s achievements

* Sent character feedback for Tango (round 3) and Minori (final)
* Updated all fashion effects that could be improved
* Updated fashion effects that previously weren’t possible
* Updated status menu layout

Current focus

Wrapping up art and the transition to 2D.

Sample stuff

The character designs for Minori Tsukimiya! Until now I’ve been showing off one design per character, but sometimes I get so stuck on choosing outfit elements that I simply ask for multiple variations. (I don’t know whether that’s more an example of Flora’s talent, my own indecisiveness, or equal parts. =P) In this case the variation is Minori’s skirt, but of all my characters, Cotelle has a variation top pattern, Leaf has a variation skirt and sandals and a kitty ear headband, Astrid has a second pair of sneakers, Leaf’s alternate outfit has a hair down variation and ballet flats, and Jig’s alternate outfit has a second color scheme. Maybe later down the road, when I’ve been showing off a functional demo, I’ll put these minor variations to a fan vote.

Weekly goals

* Send character design feedback for Tango, Jig, and Winter
* Update all applicable enemies’ AI to take advantage of new features
* Write bestiary flavor text for at least five enemies
* Figure out how to use 2D Toolkit (and other Unity assets if needed) to get basic top-down map movement functional


Back in action! =) The fashion effects proved to be even better than I anticipated, so rather than updating 15-20% of them, I updated 50-55% of them. I’ve set up the status menu layout about as well as I can expect, so I can leave that alone for now; the onus will be on getting art assets to make it something prettier than a bunch of solid colors that denote the size and shape of different menu sections. That’s for later, though. First I’ll update the enemies to take advantage of new features, then it’s back to the sticky situation of making 2D movement function properly.

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