Dreamblazers Update: Week of September 21, 2015

Continuing to roll along! The headaches and long hours of “normal” work are making me seriously miss game development, but that’s only for a couple more weeks (hopefully) and in any case I can still present some great stuff here on this blog sanctuary. =)

Dreamblazers - Griffinaire Animation

First up is the Griffinaire, the first in a line of elemental griffins—and the only one you’ll be seeing on this blog! Griffins are swift, powerful, and even capable of using magic, so they’re the kinds of creatures you don’t want to run into if you value your safety… but their wings and strength allow them to make their homes everywhere on the globe, so you’ll be running into them everywhere! Thankfully some of our heroines don’t value their safety at all.

Although all griffins are masters of the sky, Griffinaires are especially adept at aerial combat and have the greatest physical prowess of the griffin family. The main thing to remember with a Griffinaire is not to let it Seize you in its talons; the second thing to remember is that if it does, you better get your friends to bail you out! Things get quite ugly if a Griffinaire can pull you into the sky…

How ugly, you ask out of morbid curiosity? Well, on a scale of Gust to Oblivion Wing, what’s coming up ranks as a Hurricane. And for those who don’t know the Pokémon reference, Hurricane is literally off the scale: it’s 37.5% stronger than Oblivion Wing. ;)

Dreamblazers - Second Mystery Monster Grayscaled

Next up is merely a teaser! I grayscaled out everything except the eye color of this mystery monster and had to crop it because it would give away even more than the last mystery monster if I didn’t, but someone who pays attention to detail might be able to guess what this is!

Think I’ll have to cut this entry there for time constraint reasons… Becca has also passed along some updates to the overworld tileset that I’m eager to share, especially the newly-animated boat, but we have some more overworld updates coming up too and I’d rather hold off to show them all at once.

Short update today, but that’s the situation I’m in right now, after all. :P

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