Bite-Size Projects

I’ve let down this side of my website—and, hey, I even know why! Here are some posts stuck in drafts right now:

  • 30 Claims and Caricatures of Christian Beliefs
  • Powerful Challenges to Widely-Held Worldviews
  • Grappling with the Nature of Objective Morality
  • The Other Two Problems of Evil, Part 1: Does Anything Truly Matter?
  • The Other Two Problems of Evil, Part 2: The Self-Contradiction of Conscience-Contradiction
  • The Other Two Problems of Evil, Part 3: The Timeless Classic
  • Probability Theory: How Pascal’s Wager Ironically Succeeds Primarily in the Tangible World
  • My Little Pony Season 5 Review, Part 1: Episodes 1-6

The fact of the matter is that I’ve pumped everything that I want to write about up to too grand a scale: multi-part series, gigantic standalone posts, topics of immense philosophical scope, and even on top of that I wanted great and memorable presentation. Sometimes all of these even come together at once. For example, I have the first image of the 30 Claims and Caricatures post planned out as a Sliding Scale of Artistic License showing that a self-portrait is less artistic license than an anime or cartoon-ized portrait, which is less than a moe anthropomorphism of an animal, which is less than a gijinka Pokémon, which is less than a moe anthropomorphism of a website, which is less—yes, less artistic license—than the Sistine Chapel. Then of course I’d explain why… And afterward I was still going to cover twenty-nine more topics in the same post? Seriously, self?

The bottom line is that because I set myself up such that writing about anything would be an enormous project, I write nothing at all.

That changes now! I’m giving myself leeway to write on lighter topics, to write less comprehensively, and even to forgo pictures or use them sparingly if it means I can start putting out content here again.

So… let’s begin. :D


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