I think too much. Therefore I am too much?

“I think too much”: a bold assertion, isn’t it? How could I ever claim that? I’ll tell you:

Last night I had a flash of inspiration: if Super Smash Bros. 4 is fun and I buy good live streaming hardware, then in November or December I could corner the market on Twitch streamers who play Smash while rambling about philosophy between the times of midnight and 5 AM. Who would dare compete with me? I’d be untouchable. Unmatchable! Unparalleled! Unprecedented!

But that alone isn’t the sign that I think too much. The sign is that it’s not last night anymore and I’m still entertaining the idea. =P Another sign is that I often have trouble sleeping because I have too many a priori presuppositions to philosophize about.

Who am I, anyway? At this point one might wonder! I’m the solo designer of an indie RPG, Dreamblazers, and I go by Jay. (That’s not my “real” name, mind you—I picked it because it matched up well with a studio name like Jelly Paladin.) I spend a lot of my time musing on the side and my subconscious wouldn’t let me get away with not putting my thoughts in a blog.

What posts will you find here? What does it mean to muse? I analyze the allegorical, ponder paradigms, obviate the ostensible, and accost the axiomatic. If your eyes just glazed over, don’t worry: I’m mostly kidding. =P I talk video games, philosophy, theology, personal identity, life, the universe, and everything. Well, everything other than politics.

I’m Jay. This is my first musing. As I write many more, let’s reach for epiphanies and for the transcendental together.


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