Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of June 1, 2015

Well, let it never be said that I make tons of progress every week: stuff related to my new job ate up time on Tuesday and Wednesday, Friday was dedicated to a wild three-city search for Amiibos, and a close family member announced out of nowhere on Saturday that she’ll be getting married later this year.

Actually, don’t tell Twitter, but I got even more Amiibos than this! Everything in the picture is what I’m keeping or trying to trade, but I’ll be using others for giveaways when it comes time to promote Dreamblazers more fully! :D

But truth be told, mostly I just wanted to unwind and take a week off after all the recent stress of the near-disaster and weighty financial decisions, so that’s exactly what I did. No more waking up twice and going back to sleep before waking up for real, but actually sleeping well again.

Not to leave you all empty-handed, though!

Dreamblazers - Celty Sprite Sheet Triple Size No Spoilers

Dreamblazers - Celty Walking Triple Size Dreamblazers - Celty Battle Triple Size Dreamblazers - Celty Jump Triple Size

Go go Celty sprites! That third one is her jumping down, e.g. jumping down a cliff or off a tree.

Celty has sprite variations for wearing her sneakers or not because of an early optional tutorial about the outfit system and flashback purposes, but I don’t know yet if I’ll work that into the game as an on-the-fly visible outfit change. None of the other characters have such a minor variation, so if I do put in then it’ll just be for her—which would still be fine since she has the most screen time.

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