Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of April 13, 2015

“Oops” is the first word of the week: I forgot to ask for several types of overworld tiles that I need, namely three-way rivers, curved roads, and certain types of curves for beaches, so I couldn’t complete the continent of Miharu…

But I didn’t want to delay sharing pixel art stuff yet again, so here are some snippets with the new tiles! First a repost to remind you of what it looked like with placeholders:

Miharu Continent in Unity

And now let’s check out prettified versions of some of these areas! These are blown up to triple size for demonstration purposes. Also, I think there’s a way to use the sprites better than what I’ve been doing so far and I’m going to ask Becca about that, so do keep in mind these are works in progress. :D

Winny Spring Area Tiple Size

The area around Winny Spring, the hometown of Telia, Sakura, and Evelyn (though the latter two have since moved to the capital). Tango and Jig have also lived in Winny Spring for most of their lives after moving there, making it a sort of de facto hometown for them. To Celty, though, it’s just another place to journey right on by…

Why’s it named Winny Spring? Well, you’ll find out later. =P But the answer partly explains why the town is half-grassland and half-desert!

Spring Lake Valley Area Triple Size

The area around Spring Lake Valley, so named because it’s the valley in which there are sakura trees and a lake! Relatively sheltered by its elevated terrain, Spring Lake is crystal clear and one of Miharu’s most well-known sights.

(By the way, “haru” is Japanese for the season spring and “mi” is Japanese for “beautiful.” Hopefully I’m not pulling the English equivalent of Engrish here, but if I am then I’m sure somebody will set me straight long before I launch. =P)

Deltaru Tri-Port Area Triple Size

The area around Deltaru Tri-Port, sometimes called the symbolic capital of Miharu. Where else will you find a city that borders the ocean and two lakes and a river?

Answer: nowhere on the planet!

A major theme in Dreamblazers is that the world is often more beautiful than anyone would imagine if they hadn’t seen it for themselves, so I hope that unique locales such as these will communicate that sense of wonder and discovery.

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