Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of April 27, 2015

Have I ever done an all-in-one overview of what Dreamblazers is in a single easy-to-access post? Nope! But that’s up now over on the brand new Dreamblazers page. It took a while to create, but this was a necessary step for what’s coming this week: bringing on more pixel artists! This will be the foundation I use for explaining the game to people from now on, whether it’s on here, on IndieDB, on Steam Greenlight, bringing on pixel artists, bringing on a composer, or anything else in the future.

And… this is also take 2 on doing bonus posts later in the week. For sure there’s going to be a “help wanted” page directed at prospective pixel artists, but we’ll also see if I can get up one of the multiple map layout posts that I’ve been meaning to do. The final pre-Kickstarter tileset is underway, by the way, so that increases the odds no doubt.

Other than that… fairly little to report this week. Check out the pitch page and let me know your thoughts! :D

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