Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of April 7, 2014

Last week’s achievements

* Finished layout of status menu
* Sent character profiles and color schemes for Tango and Telia; sent art profile for Kelly; sent art profile for Leaf’s princess dress
* Sent round 1 art feedback for Leaf’s princess dress, round 3 for Astrid, round 4 for Autumn, and round 1 for Telia
* Drafted character portrait requirements spreadsheet
* Slightly redid personality profile stats

Current focus


Weekly goals

* Get at least ten attacks operational (in terms of damage dealt, timing of sound effects, etc., but not animations—those will be way, way, way, way, way later)
* Get at least five passive abilities operational
* Send in 80%+ of applicable art feedback for new rounds of stuff


Super satisfying week! I pulled off my primary goal of nailing the status menu layout, got a good chunk of my character portrait requirements finished, and sent in a flood of art feedback and requirements unlike any I’ve sent before. For next week’s post I’ll likely be able to share the designs of Astrid and Autumn here and on the Characters page.

Now to step back: why was I focusing on menus anyway? Because menus might influence the way I handle stats. Why did I care about stats? Because I can’t test battles without having them finalized. Over the course of all the menu stuff I feel that I got both menus and stats pegged, so now I can get back to what I’ve wanted do since forever: combat!

Battles are an enormous project with many moving parts, so I’m being tentative with my weekly goals for now since I don’t know what I can expect to go right or wrong. Like I’ve said before, though, a huge plus in all of this is being able to use an amazing Unity framework to help me out. No matter how much time I do spend, it would have taken either months and months longer or would have taken thousands and thousands of dollars more without it. Endless gratitude.

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