Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of August 4, 2014

Last week’s achievements

* Finished AI for remaining enemies
* Started a secondary blog for general musings (this is only tangentially related to game development, but I already have a couple posts planned talking about ideas I’ve left on the cutting room floor, so following the Dreamblazers tag will be pretty complementary to this primary devlog side of the site; any mainly-game-focused entries will be posted or cross-posted here, though)

Current focus

The transition to 2D.

Sample stuff

My Sylph Mage enemy has the crown jewel of AI so far. I could probably even stick her into the player party as a CPU-controlled character and she’d do fine!

Weekly goals

* Figure out how to use 2D Toolkit (and other Unity assets if needed) to get basic top-down map movement functional
* If character design rounds resume immediately on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, those become top priority


This is a week mixed with excitement and dread. =P I’m assuming that 2D is in enough demand that the creators of various 2D-related Unity assets are totally on the ball in making implementation easy for designers like me. If I’m wrong, then I fear a long road ahead.

If I’m right, though, then fairly soon I’ll be making layouts for dungeons and towns and such. That’s exciting, but out of all the things I’m capable of doing—basically anything except music, art, or any direct C# programming other than the most basic—map-making is by far my weakest area. I’ve already gathered hundreds of placeholder sprites in various sizes, but putting them together into playable areas that feel natural is uncharted territory for me. I can name many RPGs with great puzzles, but dungeon layouts themselves never stick out enough in my memory to help me learn anything from them.

But as my character Leaf would say, “Press on with it!” I’ll climb that mountain when I get there. =) First off, time to see what these 2D Unity assets are made of…

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