Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of December 22, 2014

Just a small update during Christmas week!

Character Profiles Initial Draft - 14 Characters

There are more characters to come in this group profile mega-picture as well as more information on each one, like height, species, and weapon type. I’ll also probably have a second picture that doesn’t have the stats or lines but includes relationships, since they’re grouped very specifically: for example, the right two columns in the current picture are members of the Avenging Angels, the middle three columns are a group of friends from the same area, the bottom middle three are local or national peacekeepers, the bottom row minus Hikaru is fairly naive, and the entire top row is filled with glory seekers. Also, in Dungeons & Dragons terms, I’d loosely group these as left being neutral good, middle being lawful good, and right being chaotic good.

Do note: these characters definitely aren’t to scale, we didn’t bother with weapons after the first two for time reasons, and (though it won’t become apparent until the final version of this picture) ears are occasionally off because I forgot to mention someone was an elf. Still, it’s nice lining every character up like this!

As I was putting this together, I found out the hard way how desynced a lot of my data is; sometimes I make a character stronger in Unity or in a spreadsheet but forget to update the other one, so I’ve had to get all of that squared away. The stats themselves are also subject to change as I make progress, of course, but at least for now these are the most up-to-date ones. It’s highly unlikely that any characters will become weaker, though, and only a select few have a hope of becoming stronger. Not that stats are everything anyway! Evelyn’s stats are some of the lowest here, but her combat tricks far surpass everybody else’s.

As for the remaining characters… simply wait and see!

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