Dreamblazers Update: Week of October 12, 2015

[insert ~5000 words of rabid gushing about the latest My Little Pony episode and watching it about as many times as the rest of episodes in this season combined in the two and a half days it’s been out]

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s enjoy some pixel art!

Dreamblazers - Centaur Warrior AnimationDreamblazers - Grisly Bear Animation

These are a Centaur Warrior and a Grisly Bear! And while I wish I could take credit for the name of the latter, no, a friend actually gave me that one; my original name for it was pretty boring. ;P Oh, and I also can’t take credit for the flawless MLP segue into a half-horse sprite, which was coincidence—I’ve actually been disappointed with the large majority of the current season, so I didn’t expect to get hit with my new series favorite out of nowhere.

Anyway, Grisly Bears are just raw powerhouses and there’s not too much to say about them, though I hope you dig the color scheme that I asked for and Liz implemented! They’re pretty free to roam many lands, so you’ll see them decently often.

As for the Centaur Warrior, she’s the second fully intelligent “enemy” species I’ve shown off and her body is a bit better suited to complex battle techniques than the first set of sprites—the slimes!—so all I’m going to say is expect some interesting AI from her and working in harmony with her battle companions. :D She won’t be the last of them either: four more ladies of battle are getting sprites before Liz and I wrap up everything we need to do for the sake of the initial demo.

I’ll end with something I haven’t mentioned before: any character, not just playable ones, get stat bonuses from wearing appropriate fashions. And oh, look, the Centaur Warrior’s clothes seem pretty coordinated! She might qualify for bonuses involving, say, staying in touch with nature. Bonuses like, say, the ones Celty gets from her outfit.

But maybe you should watch out when you have to battle foes—or even friends—who put even more thought into their outfits than the forest-dwelling Centaur Warrior…

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