Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of February 17, 2014

Last week’s achievements

* Fixed some issues with stat growth
* Set up character classes, stat growth, and starting equipment for Celty and Leaf
* Preliminarily finalized HP and EP regeneration rates
* Got gameplay functional and flavor text written for status effects: Last Stand, Asleep, Berserk, Bound – Arms/Legs/Full, Burning, Crystallized, Disoriented, Fatigued, Frozen, Oiled, Paralyzed, Sealed, Stunned, Watered, and one effect that’s too spoiler-y to mention here (note: not all of these effects may make it into the final game)
* Wrote flavor text for status effects: Confused, Flustered, Frozen, Poisoned, Spasming, Tempted, Tranquilized (these are not functional)
* Set up character classes and stat growth for Tango, Evelyn, Lucky, Telia, Cecille, Flute, Relany, Jig, Sakura, Astrid, Jelia, Kelly, Besarre, Jun, Ardis, Lash, Saga, and Spring

Current focus

I might not get much accomplished this week, actually, but if I do it’s gameplay as always. If art drafts come in, I’ll take care of those.

Weekly goals

See comments.


My need for a new computer is too apparent now; as one example, today I had to restart twice just so I could open any Internet browser. Last week I also had to redo about seventy minutes that were lost when I crashed Unity—and there was another time when I crashed my computer five seconds after making a backup in Unity. I spent the whole restart cycle praying I hadn’t lost anything and, as it turns out, I didn’t! Hey, I do believe prayer pans out, but all the same I believe it’s time to get some technology on my side too. =P So I’m looking into that and the transition from one computer to a new one is never as simple as I’d like it to be.

In addition, while I’ve thrown out all pretensions of ever creating a 140-minute video review of Tales of Symphonia because Dreamblazers is my focus, I figured I’d at least post the script since it’s already written—it only needs a little cleanup to make it sensible in a blog format. The PS3 re-release comes out in less than ten days now and this is my second favorite single-player RPG and a huge influence for me, so I wanted to do a little something for the tenth anniversary. =)

All that said, can’t imagine a week where I don’t get anything done on the game design front, so I’m sure I’ll have something here for the next devlog post.

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