Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of February 10, 2014

Last week’s achievements

* Art feedback round 1 sent for Autumn, Hikaru, Kylie
* Created structure for fashion style structure
* Finalized equipment stats and wrote flavor text for: Ribboned Hat, Swimline Single, Turmoil Tunic (?)**, Adamanvine Armlet, Sidelopped Skirt (?)**, Star Sneakers, Customized Coat, Kittyara, Swimline Split, Synergy Mail, Alternating Armwear, Songwoven Skirt, Silent Sandals, Mystery Manacle, Randomizing Polish
* Know how to set up all passive abilities involving changing stats, preventing status effects, or inflicting status effects
* Preliminarily finalized damage formula
* Set up stat growth formula (I’d already Excelled out what it was before last week, just hadn’t implemented)
* Wrote area flavor text for: Natsuki Crater Forest, Impini Mountain Base, Impedi Wooded Base, Winny Spring, Deltaru Tri-Port, Seaside Slime Cove, Den of Kobolds and the Unicorn, Unknown Village, Miharu Capital Palace, Boomerang Sanctuary, Forbidden Peak, Secret Sylvan Stage, Mermaids’ Getaway, Spring Lake Valley, Spring Lake Deep Glade, The Royal Tail Fin

**These are parts of the names

Current focus

If any more character design drafts come in, I’m very likely to pounce on them so that my artist Flora and I can “parallel process” since we do different things. Other than that, nailing battles will consume me for the foreseeable future.

Weekly goals

* Push ahead toward the current long-term goal of ironing out the basic balance of battles: how many attacks to end average battle, how many hits can squishy vs. tanky vs. squishy-but-regenerating playable characters survive, how much damage will status effects do, etc.
* In the here and now, that means finalizing various formulas and the relative strength of different techniques and magic
* Send art feedback for at least half of any next rounds of characters if they come in
* Might need to look into buying a new computer…


Last week was my first time trying out the magic of written goals. I overdelivered on art feedback and far overdelivered on flavor text, but only half-delivered on passive abilities and overestimated how much I could do in a week with battle balance. Not a problem, though! Because of what I decided to focus on, I did set up a few battle necessities, like stat growth and initial equipment. It also had a natural segue into implementing the first half of the style system since I was already setting up equipment.

And, anyway, I’d always intended to aim higher than I believe I can achieve, then adjust along the way. In this case, I know I can set higher expectations than before for what I can do with text and feedback, but with the battles it’s more of a long-term goal with several checkpoints. Definitely not gonna go all Twilight Sparkle here and create a checklist of things I need to create a checklist, though!

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