Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of January 5, 2015

The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace.

And in other news, the last in the string of visiting relatives left here at 5:00 AM today and things can get back to normal. I did have time to give feedback on the initial title image sketch, which is looking really nice and will definitely pretty this site up a bit when I can use it as a background and a banner. =)

Aside from that, my issues with getting the camera to follow the character have been making me feel inept. With collision detection, I knew I wasn’t alone since searches turned up hundreds of people with the same issues, but it seems that nobody has trouble making a camera follow correctly in Unity. Of course, most people making 3D games could use Unity’s default camera; even I can get that to work, but it doesn’t handle 2D well and keeps zooming in and out on the Z plane. What baffles me more is that nobody has issues with 2D Toolkit’s camera; either they’re all great or I’m missing the obvious.

(Probably the latter at least, if not also the former. =P This is where inexperience on the programming end comes back to bite me: ORK Framework is a genius piece of software that even I can make great things with, but 2D Toolkit is a genius piece of software that demands more of its users.)

Back to tinkering it is!

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