Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of January 12, 2015

This is what we call an ideal past week. :D

* I went back to the basics and watched many Unity tutorials—something I should have done months ago, frankly—and picked up multiple new ideas for handling things more effectively.
* Because I went back to the basics, the camera works now!
* The collisions work better than they did before (and I figured this one out myself). Because my placeholder sprite was larger than the other sprites around it (in the vein that Final Fantasy VI‘s sprites are slightly taller than a tile), my character was occasionally being pushed around to coordinates like 15, 12.034 instead of even integers. Got that taken care of.
* I finally resolved my earlier computer issue for real this time so it doesn’t happen at all. =)
* And, totally unrelated to Dreamblazers, after three months of SolForge ladder tournaments I finally won one!

Yep. A great week!

So two core parts of the game are now functional: RPG gameplay mechanics (battle system, stats system, etc.) and most of the 2D physics. However, so far I built each component in a vacuum: the RPG gameplay operates in a 3D setting and the 2D physics operate without any of the RPG elements. Now I need to put them together and hope nothing breaks.

I’ll also be concurrently searching for pixel artists. In July 2014 I told myself that I aimed for a playable demo within a year. So far I can’t tell if I’m going to make that goal or not, but in order to have any chance, the pixel art ball has to get rolling immediately. Environments, characters, menus: the whole works.

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