Dreamblazers Devlog: Week of January 19, 2015

The long and short of this past week is that the pixel artist search is underway. I have Becca for environments, but I still haven’t found someone for characters (monsters included). Ideally I want to find someone who specializes in characters; I purposely look for specialists. Becca says she likes drawing environments, so that’s what I want her for. With the character designs, I asked Flora if she enjoyed those or enjoyed other types of art more; since she said she likes designs, that’s what I had her do. I always look to help people do things that they’re good at and that they enjoy.

I want to continue to uphold that standard, but I don’t know if I can. Because pixel art is such a specific medium, pixel artists are pretty rare, good ones are even more rare, good ones who draw in styles that I prefer are still more rare than that, and and good ones who draw in the style that I prefer and also aren’t backlogged from being heavily in demand are still more rare than that. This isn’t like promotional art where tens of thousands of artists for any conceivable style are available at any given moment, so even amazing ones are posting “looking for work” notices.

Hopefully I’ll find someone soon. As always, work progresses on the Unity side as well, but now it’s at the grind point instead of the regular-massive-breakthroughs point, which is why I’ve dropped the old devlog format.

Whatever the case may be in this upcoming week, the day that I’m able to show off screenshots of actual art assets instead of placeholders will be a landmark for these devlogs, so I really look forward to it. :D

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